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Love staying fit? You can share fitness enthusiasm with others with a personal trainer business idea. There is no greater wealth than health and this business idea accompany great profit potential. Personal trainer business idea is a perfect c...
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Love staying fit? You can share fitness enthusiasm with others with a personal trainer business idea. There is no greater wealth than health and this business idea accompany great profit potential. Personal trainer business idea is a perfect choice for you, so hurry up and cash your enthusiasm!


    Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are everybody’s need. Increased fitness awareness has made this market to extend. Moreover, you will be dealing with people of all ages and weights. Before starting this business, you will need to take couple of professional lessons to become a certified trainer. As a personal trainer, you will be working with different individuals to help them achieve their fitness goals. You will be responsible for creating workout routine, diet and daily exercise objectives. Use your personal knowledge and experience to educate your clients. Your leadership, management, and motivational skills will be crucial. You can work with a local gym, sports teams or community centers. However, you can also train individual clients.   


    The market is diverse. People belonging all age group will be your customers. However, young customers will allow you to earn more money because they will probably plan more fitness sessions. You can also work with community schools as a fitness coach.

    • Fitness studio: You can own a boutique fitness studio or share space with existing gyms.
    • Website: Creative website with great content will help people to explore your company and services provided.
    • Social media: Attract more customers through social media channels like

    The startup cost of personal trainer business idea will be low; however, you need to undertake professional lessons before starting business. Equipment for this business are also not expensive. You can contact Business Titans for additional details about this business idea. 

    • This business offers prime satisfaction since you are helping others to stay fit and achieve their goals
    • Production cost is usually low because you will only be providing your experience and knowledge
    • You can save your rental expenses by using space from existing gyms.
    • Market potential is great with smart marketing strategy
    • Low startup investment with high profit potential 

    We offer 3 complementary services to support you in the implementation of this business idea:  

    Service 1 | Pre-Studies 

    Start your journey with one of our three Pre-Studies if you are not yet fully sure about your project:  

    Option1. Project Pre-Study: You have a business idea or consider to import/export a new product, but you need a qualified second opinion? Business Titans checks your business idea or project for you and provides a detailed analysis on the opportunity, its risks, feasibility and profitability. 

    Option2. Pre-Opening Plan: Do you need to get an overview of the detailed steps to implement your project? Entrepreneurs who wish to have on the operational level a sound overview of the steps they need to take to set up their new venture or product should look also into this option. 

    Option3. Project Exposé: Do you need a professional presentation to introduce your project to a demanding audience? Successful entrepreneurs understand that the presentation of an idea is as important as the idea itself. The approach Business Titans is applying is to send always an appealing Exposé of the project before sharing further details. Only if there is a vivid interest that you feel among your audience, you should share confidential documents such as Pre-Studies, Business Plans, etc. 

    Service 2 | Business Planning 

    Option 1. Business Plan Consulting: You draft the Business Plan with our Guidance, we review and enhance the final version. Business Titans supports you to develop a Business Plan. You draft your own Business Plan with our guidance. A senior member of Business Titans will then finalize your draft with enhancements, research data, adapting the contents and forms according to the expectations of the final recipients, including banks, lending partners, equity partners, landlords, insurers and regulators. 

      Option 2. Business Plan Outsourcing: In this option, the entire process, including the development of the business model and Business Plan is handled by Business Titans. You will be first interviewed to understand your vision, resources and capacity.The rest will all be done by us and presented to you for the last minor adaptations. This version gets a Business Titans certification to be used for 3 years (as long as there will be no major changes on the Business Plan).

      Service 3 | Weekly Coaching 

      A Business Plan is (and should be) in a constant evolution. The more you get into your business environment, the more you are able to fine-tune it. However, the best Business Plan will not be more than a paper if you do not implement it in a disciplined and consistent way.

      • Option 1: Try-Out Session 
      • Option 2: 2-Weeks Package
      • Option 3: 4-Weeks Package 

      This is why Business Titans has extended its services with a Weekly Coaching dedicated for the step-by-step implementation of the Business Plan that we have developed together. 

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