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Sell your language skills and knowledge to earn a lucrative profit with an exotic language course. Language forms lasting bonds with one another and without it all aspects of life are useless. Now unleash your language skills with money-spinni...
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Sell your language skills and knowledge to earn a lucrative profit with an exotic language course. Language forms lasting bonds with one another and without it all aspects of life are useless. Now unleash your language skills with money-spinning exotic language course business idea. Use your time during COVID-19 pandemic wisely and start your home business with this business idea. Prepare Now for Post-Corona!


Download this powerful kit of documents contains all you need to do the first steps to build a solid business:

  • Strategy Roadmap - Your compass during the startup phase (6 pages pdf)
  • Tools of Business - A collection of 80+ tools for any entrepreneurial situation based on 6 years of trial-error experience and lessons learned  (14 pages pdf)
  • Smart CEO Guide - Ways to raise efficiency and stay focused on the Strategy Roadmap (15 pages pdf) 
  • Social Media Marketing - A checklist with industry-standard best practices on social media (3 pages pdf)
  • Customer Journey Stations - A one-pager exercise guiding you through the critical moments of dealing with customers (1 page pdf)

Your Download will start automatically after your payment. Please contact us if you need support with a business model, business plan or marketing plan. If we have capacity and the subject is within our expertise, we shall get back to you with an offer.


With the present developing rate of globalization, beginning an exotic language course business can offer you an energizing and productive vocation. A language is a tool that brings the world together by decreasing the communication barrier. Teaching a new language gives others access to a totally new perception of human life, as observed through the viewpoint of a new language. Generally, you will have to be fluent in the language course you are offering. However, if you are still learning you can also team up with other people to start this business. You can also open a foreign language school and offer different language courses by hiring teachers. Make sure to have the correct and enough teaching supplies such as a whiteboard, projectors, textbooks etc.

After successful initiation of business also hire support staff, for example, receptionists and accountants. In the beginning, finances are a major challenge in both supporting and proper growth of your business. However, you can effectively counter this problem by using online platforms like the business website and social media channels. Create a customizable and user-friendly website of your online courses to target potential audience. Besides, Youtube video marketing underpins the success of your business. 

The success of an exotic language course business idea will depend upon your organizational skills and ambition. You should have a passion to learn other languages and cultures. Your communication skills will play an important role as you will be communicating and working with a single student or a group of students. Best places to promote this business include schools, colleges, and universities. Attract new customers by offering a student discount. Print flyers and post them on community bulletin boards. Word of mouth is very essential. Ask your family and friends to spread the word.


This business will attract different customers including students, children, adults, doctors, nurses, and other business professionals.

  • Teaching facility: Open a teaching school in the best location to attract the desired customers. Always keep in mind the availability of public transportation and pick and drop ability of location.
  • Home: You can start this business at home. However, you will need to allocate sufficient space for this business with proper teaching instruments. Suitable as home business or part-time idea during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Online courses: Create a website and target and attract international clients by offering online language courses.
  • Social media: Promote your business using social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.  

The startup cost for an exotic language course business idea is medium. However, the profit potential is high as there is an increased demand for foreign language courses across the globe. Contact Business Titans to learn more about the potential revenues and costs to run this business.

  • A finance and consulting business that offers extreme flexibility. You will be meeting a lot of people from different cultures.
  • You can also join local school and colleges as a teacher and offer language courses to international students.
  • Teaching and other instruments are usually of low costs and last for years.
  • High market potential using smart marketing strategy.
  • Medium startup investment with high earning potential.

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