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This is the perfect time for you to start your own chocolatier shop business. Chocolate and candy business industry are earning more than 11 billion of revenue per year. Act now and sell different kinds of chocolates to earn YUMMY profit with ...
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This is the perfect time for you to start your own chocolatier shop business. Chocolate and candy business industry are earning more than 11 billion of revenue per year. Act now and sell different kinds of chocolates to earn YUMMY profit with chocolatier shop business idea.


If you love eating chocolates and candies, then you will be surprised to know that this hobby can turn in to a big money-making venture. To start a chocolatier shop business, you will require a permit, protection, and retail license. Competition is very fierce in this industry. Research different chocolate shops in your area and niches they are offering, to sell delicious and more exclusive products.

Moreover, there is a number of different options in the chocolate business. You can open a gourmet chocolate shop, or manufacture and sell your own organic chocolates and candies. Other options include chocolate café and chocolate gift shop. If you have a unique chocolate recipe and can carve out its own niche, you will gain an edge over market competition. You will have to meet the required quality standards of the local health department since you will be selling edibles. It is possible to start a chocolatier shop business from home to save some startup costs. However, it can be costly if you fail to meet the quality standards. Joint ventures with local wholesale dealers are important to save your investment costs.

Use a smart marketing approach since competition is very high. Create a flagship website that you can promote through different social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook etc. Offer a special discount during holidays, such as Mother’s day, Valentine day etc. The best option is to sell chocolate to the general public. Ask your family and friends to spread the word. You can also distribute free samples to the neighborhood. Use coupon promotions to draw in customers. You can also offer wine, champagne, and a different dessert at your chocolate shop. 


Chocolate is loved by everyone from children to old people. Most of your customers will be children and young adults. However, at special events, there will be an increase in sales.

  • Retail shop: Create a retail shop at a popular shopping mall or in your local market. Build a loyal customer base and keep them enthusiastic by offering new and unique products.
  • Wholesale shop: Create small packages and distribute them to local restaurants, food stores, and grocers.
  • Candy buffet: Create candy buffet and innovatively display your chocolate and candies on different events such as wedding reception, graduation parties.
  • Social media: Promote your business and target potential audience through marketing approaches of social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  

The startup cost for a chocolatier shop business idea is medium. However, the profit potential is high as a chocolatier shop is often marked up 100 % or more. Contact Business Titans to learn more about the potential revenues and costs to run this business. 

  • A flexible and creative business that allows you to follow your passion and love. You will be attending different chocolate conferences and meeting new entrepreneurs.
  • Chocolate products of low cost with expiry dates of months and years.
  • Once the business is established, product demand is very high.
  • High market potential using smart marketing strategy.
  • Medium startup investment with high earning potential.  

      Get a step closer to realize your dream by booking the Business Starter Kit. This powerful Starter Kit will guide you with these important resources:

      1. A tailor-made Business Model engineered by Swiss Business Consultants
      2. A step-by-step Strategy Roadmap to macro-control your progress
      3. A personal copy of the Business Titans Ebook for Smart CEOs
      4. Optionnally, you can get regular or one-off coaching sessions with a Business Titans Senior as your Buddy - conveniently through Whatsapp, Phone or Email

      Learn more on the next tab "What You Will Get".


      Startup Strategy Business Roadmap

      1. Delivery of Business Starter Kit Orders (for Business Ideas)

      If you consider to start a new business, then you will need to book the Business Starter Kit on the page of your favourite business idea.

      Your Business Starter Kit comes with:

      1. Business Model Summary (PDF file, 7-9 pages, English or German, tailor-made)

      2. Strategy Roadmap (PDF file, 5-6 pages, English or German)

      3. Business Titans Ebook for Smart CEOs

      Recommended: For each Business Starter Kit we recommend to book the Startup Coaching together to discuss your Business Model and your Strategy in detail.

      During the checkout process, you will pass a small questionnaire that allows the Business Titans Consultants in Zurich to elaborate your Business Model and Roadmap.

      2. Delivery of Startup Coaching Sessions

      Business Titans offers for many years consulting sessions to entrepreneurs in many industries, regions and business sizes. The objective of this new format of flexible coaching is to extend our vast know-how to every corner of the world at an affordable pricing. This is to support not only resourceful entrepreneurs in industrial nations, but also to support regional business development in emerging economies.

      During a Mobile Startup Coaching with Business Titans, a Senior Consultant will be your buddy and guide you within the topic you have selected. The coaching will be done by email or through whatsapp chat and call, whatever is more convenient to you. The Senior Professional will walk you through the following steps:

      1. Your Individual Questions: This is why you are probably here - you need someone to answer YOUR questions. And this is what the Startup Coaching does - studying your needs and delivering advice and guidance for YOU. After your booking you will receive a Form, where you can write up to 3 questions that your Coach will study and prepare solutions to provide you a highly tailored coaching session.

      2. Dos and Donts: Learn the best kept secrets of the practical entrepreneurship. Save so much of time and money by avoiding common mistakes, subjective decision-making culture and other entrepreneurial dangers that arise from lack of experience.

      3. Toolkit: Where possible, your Coach will equip you with valuable tools like templates, checklists, software, service suppliers and more. These assets were generated after thousands of working hours with European companies, banks, commercial stores, online shops and other startups. Pure treasure for a fresh Entrepreneur!

      3. Delivery of Brand Kit Orders

      Your Brand Kit order will include the following materials. The images will be all in .png format, resp. some in .jpeg.

      > Min 2x Logos in different variations

      > 2x Monogram

      > 1x Company Name

      > 1x Brand Book with Typography and Colour Scheme

      > 1x Social Media Profile Picture

      > 1x Social Media Banner

      > 4x Mockup Images

      > 1x Business Card Inspiration

      > 1x Brand Wallpaper

      > 1/2x Fonts Files

      > 10 or more Stainable Icons suitable to your Brand

      > 1x Brand Certificate of Origin

      With the handover of the Brand Certificate, you will get the right to use the brand elements privately and commercially without restrictions. Business Titans will keep the right to use the sold brand for reference and marketing purposes. Please check the intellectual property rights of the company name in your region, before you buy. If you need assistance, please contact us.

      4. Brand Kits: Delivery of Instagram Posts

      If your order includes Instagram Posts, you will receive a beautiful bundle of contents in-line with your new brand identity. You will be ready to rock on Instagram from the first day on. Please note that orders that include Instagram Posts usually take a few days longer to be delivered.

      5. Brand Kits: Policy on Revisions

      If you need a change on the company name, the colours or any other element, you can select this on the product page and explain later in our Revision Form that you will receive shortly by email. Business Titans reserves the right to not accept or to cancel ongoing revisions. Please note that orders that include Revision requests usually take a few days longer to be delivered.

      6. Brand Kits: Booking Editable Files

      Business Titans would like to support your brand development on a longterm basis. The philosophy behind the Brand Kit product line is that you as a customer get a highly attractive pre-made brand for a fairly affordable price and see in Business Titans your longterm branding agency.

      7. Policy on Returns and Refunds

      We do not issue refunds for any of our products once the order is confirmed and the product is delivered. Feel free to contact us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products. If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us.

      8. Recommendations

      If you need an express delivery, please contact us before you book.

      Consider combining a Brand Kit with a Business Idea and the Business Modeling Startup Coaching. As all three, the idea, the brand and the coaching, are delivered by Business Titans, our Consultants and Designers will work together on a seamless fusion of both your products. You can book your favourite Brand Kit also at a later stage if it's still available. There's no possibility to reserve a brand - thank you for your understanding!

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