Why does coaching after the Business Plan make sense?
A Business Plan is (and should be) in a constant evolution. The more you get into your business environment, the more you are able to fine-tune it. However, the best Business Plan will not be more than a paper if you do not implement it in a disciplined and consistent way. This is why Business Titans has extended its services with a Weekly Coaching dedicated for the step-by-step implementation of the Business Plan that we have developed together. 

  • OPTION 1: TRY-OUT SESSION (49 CHF/$ for 30min)
  • OPTION 3: 4-WEEKS PACKAGE (1,290 CHF/$)

Included in every Weekly Coaching package:

  • 1h live coaching through Zoom
  • Up to 2h chat support via Telegram or Whatsapp
  • Preparatary works and internal team meetings...
    • To discuss your progress
    • To fine-tune strategies
    • To handle potential problems you encounter
    • To involve where possible potential business partners and
    • To promote the development of your skills

How does it work?
Your Coach will first set up a  Coaching Plan with you and define the weekly goals, the milestones and the golden line. You will get your assignments in one week and the results will be reviewed in the other week, with an individual targeted feedback to make you advance in your learning curve. You decide when and how the input will look like from Business Titans, we ensure that you get what you need to stay focused, motivated and efficient. The sessions take place virtually during the times agreed together.

What exactly will we work on together?
Developing a startup venture is one of the toughest and challenging projects in most entrepreneurs' lives. Unexperienced bootstrappers will often work countless nights, what experienced entrepreneurs get done in a fraction of that time. Business Titans will walk with you through a myriad of tasks such as: 

  • Developing your Business Model 
  • Implementation of your Business Plan
  • Selecting and developing your CRM system
  • Creating a behaviour-oriented website, connected to you CRM
  • Designing sales funnels and customer journeys
  • Development of the right marketing campaigns and materials
  • Contacting the right prospects with the right approach 
  • and much more

When do I need to pay?
The sessions are paid in advance and can be discontinued, paused or rescheduled at any time. After the first free consultation meeting, you will receive a payment link and a booking link. 


 All Prices are excl. Swiss VAT of 7.7%.

For questions or to book please get in touch with us and provide detailed information about your project and your timeline.