You have a business idea or consider to import/export a new product, but you need a qualified second opinion? 
Business Titans checks your business idea or project for you and provides a 3-6 page long analysis on the opportunity, its risks, feasibility and profitability. A Pre-Study by Business Titans is recommended in following scenarios:

  • You need an independent expert to critically assess your idea and provide an objective report
  • You are considering to approach potential business partners and would like to present a first Mini Business Plan
  • You are very confident that you found your dream project but you are not sure whether it will generate sufficient income
  • You are not yet ready to invest in a Business Plan, but you need a serious introduction of the pros and contras of your idea 


Do you need to get an overview of the detailed steps to implement your project?
Entrepreneurs who wish to have on the operational level a sound overview of the steps they need to take to set up their new venture or product should look also into this option. The Project Plan, comprising a checklist-style table of 2-4 pages, prepared by Business Titans will assist you pragmatically through pre-opening points such as: 

  • Company creation
  • Concept implementation
  • Marketing (Online and Local)
  • Software selection and installation
  • Staffing and Training
  • and many other tasks



Do you need a professional presentation to introduce your project to a demanding audience?
Successful entrepreneurs understand that the presentation of an idea is as important as the idea itself. The approach Business Titans is applying is to send always an appealing Exposé of the project before sharing further details. Only if there is a vivid interest that you feel among your audience, you should share confidential documents such as Pre-Studies, Business Plans, etc. 

Do not lose your audience before they even understood what the opportunity is about. Powerpoints prepared by Business Titans professionals have the right length, wording, design and structure based on years of best practice with highly challenging recipients. You can use our Exposés in various ways: 

  • Quickly share with contacts through Whatsapp or Email
  • Present through Zoom, Skype or other video conferencing tools
  • Print and send it in physical form with a decent map and envelope


Note: Please note that each of the Options above will take 2-4 weeks of production time. Express orders can be accepted based on capacity and with a 20% extra cost. All Prices are excl. Swiss VAT of 7.7%.

For questions or to book please get in touch with us and provide detailed information about your project and your timeline.