Got questions? These frequently asked questions might help...

Business Titans brings you business ideas from all over the world, which have been carefully researched by our scouts.

If you like one and consider to launch a similar business, you can book our Business Starter Kit, which helps you to understand your chosen business idea better with the help of these resources...

> Business Model Study (PDF file, 7-9 pages, English or German, tailor-made)

> Strategy Roadmap (PDF file, 4-6 pages, English or German) and

> The Business Titans Ebook for Smart CEOs.

After buying you will get an email with a 5-minutes questionnaire that will be used to develop your deliverables.

As an optional upgrade to your Business Starter Kit, you might want to book our highly beneficial Coaching sessions as a one-off or continuous support.

The coaching (in 0.5 or 2h sessions) happens over a convenient WhatsApp chat, call or through email with a Business Titans Senior.

1. Your Individual Questions: This is why you are probably here - you need someone to answer YOUR questions. And this is what the Startup Coaching does - studying your needs and delivering advice and guidance for YOU. After your booking you will receive a Form, where you can write up to 3 questions that your Coach will study and prepare solutions to provide you a highly tailored coaching session.

2. Dos and Donts: Learn the best kept secrets of the practical entrepreneurship. Save so much of time and money by avoiding common mistakes, subjective decision-making culture and other entrepreneurial dangers that arise from lack of experience.

3. Toolkit: Where possible, your Coach will equip you with valuable tools like templates, checklists, software, service suppliers and more. These assets were generated after thousands of working hours with European companies, banks, commercial stores, online shops and other startups. Pure treasure for a fresh Entrepreneur!

After buying you will be contacted to schedule the best time for your session

A Brand Kit is a ready-to-use package of brand elements. The Brand Kits can be used for companies in different industries and geographies. Inside the product description, you will find a recommendation from our brand designers. Your Brand Kit order will include the following materials. The images will be all in .png format, resp. some in .jpeg.

> Min 2x Logos in different variations

> 2x Monogram

> 1x Company Name

> 1x Brand Book with Typography and Colour Scheme

> 1x Social Media Profile Picture

> 1x Social Media Banner

> 4x Mockup Images

> 1x Business Card Inspiration

> 1x Brand Wallpaper

> 1/2x Fonts Files

> 10 or more Stainable Icons suitable to your Brand

> 1x Brand Certificate of Origin

With the handover of the Brand Certificate, you will get the right to use the brand elements privately and commercially without restrictions.

After buying you will receive a Revision Form, if you have requested us to do a change on your brand. You will get your delivery within the next few days.

Sure, we can. Just reach out to us to get a quote.
Although Business Titans designers developed the Brand Kits with some specific industries in mind, they can be used in other industries and any region. You can always ask our designers for help when it comes to the choice of the suitable brand kit.
Please contact us or submit your request during the Startup Coaching. We decide case-by-case how much our consultants shall be involved in the operational development of external companies.
Every entrepreneur should do sufficient market research before deciding to go for a service provider. If you have done this, you will quickly come to the following conclusions:

1. You get high-quality deliverables tailored to your needs from Swiss consultants with experience in many complex business environments

2. Our pricing is affordable and fair, unlike most competitors where similar products start at 3 to 8 times higher prices.

3. You get what you buy - our Brand Kits are pre-produced, so no frustrating and expensive back and forth with designers.

Good move - congratulations! Business Titans is eager to foster courageous entrepreneurs. There are a number of ways how we can support you:

1. Longterm Coaching (40h+): Business Titans operates an unpublished internal working plan to build the most powerful startup projects that will be used in agreement with the Management.

2. We do special discounts for longterm bookings (20h+)

3. In some cases we participate in the operational development to make things move, so task outsourcing (Business Plan / Concept writing, Marketing planning, Product development, Company registration, Franchise development, etc.) might be another way.

4. In rare cases, where the idea and the team behind are exceptionnally strong, we might involve our Midnight Club for Investors and pitch it to some investors and companies.

5. Business Titans has also an exceptional network in commercial real estate and therewith access to unpublished objects.

6. Due to our valuable network within the startup scene, corporate banking & venture capital and various commercial branches worldwide, we are in a unique position to build synergies for small and big groups of entrepreneurs.

All of Business Titans products and services are engineered to be compatible and successive in the following order:

Step1: Select your favourite business idea and book the Business Starter Kit

Step2: If you are still interested, book the Business Model Coaching, followed by the Business Strategy Coaching

Step3: Still in the game? Now, choose a suitable Brand Kit for your idea

Step4: It's time to build your marketing and sales activities, so go for the First Marketing and First Sales Coaching

Step5: You are now in business! To grow your business and to tackle the challenges and risks for you as a CEO and your Startup, consider the Smart CEO and Mixed Consulting Sessions.