The Victorious Formula
Business Titans is a highly concentrated hub of Methodology, Energy and Achievers.
This is the formula that will bring you victory and prosperity.


Inimitable Arsenal of Methods
A highly complex mechanism, including a secret methodology concept of waterfall and
scrum project management techniques have been developed over two years only for Business Titans.



We use various methods to enhance creativity in the process of creating powerful products. From starbursting to individual trainings and intense creative sessions, we approach any challenge with the right toolkit and challenging the discussion item from more than 8 different functional views.




We thrive at encouraging our team to look at any matter with the eyes of a client. In hundreds of tasks the staff was tested, graded and have played in simulations the role of Swiss clients. The results were a compliment and a joy to see. Once the creative juices have started flowing, the deliverables have been evolved accordingly.




To build dream projects you need dream teams. With instant continuous improvement systems we are cultivating an environment of achievers and responsible professionals with systematic training for problem solving. This spirit of our Solvers is the guarantee of highly creative and innovative solutions.



Each business has its own DNA

That’s why the individualisation of client projects is bonded into the heart of our services.
This is to let you select and combine any of our Modules and Sub-Modules. With Business Titans, opportunities are boundless.

Attachment to Details

 More than anything else, we teach our staff to do, whatever it is, with excellence.
This manifests itself in micro-awareness to deadlines, a love to the detail and a culture of strong controlling mechanisms that keeps the error level to less than 5%.

Here, you buy results. Because that’s what matters.


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