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It is said that less than 20 percent of workers are satisfied with their job. Career counselors being more and more needed, why not launch your business in this field? Get started by familiarizing yourself with the industry and finding the sta...
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It is said that less than 20 percent of workers are satisfied with their job. Career counselors being more and more needed, why not launch your business in this field? Get started by familiarizing yourself with the industry and finding the standardized tests about skills and personality. With as little as that, you will be ready to successfully make your own career change! 

Interested? Business Titans can help you with the following services: 

01 Startup Financing 

Business Titans will help you to choose the best-matching financing method to your situation and to prepare you to get a good deal with the right partner. Speak to us about your idea and situation and get a free proposal how Business Titans could help you. Below is a preview of few possible financial solutions for your business project. 

1. Bootstrapping: The right and wrong ways to set up your Startup with your own money. 
2. Equity Partner: Money from equity partners can be good or bad for your project
3. Bank Loan: Be prepared for the tough due diligence checks of the banks. Get help for Due Diligence and KYC. 
4. Friends and Family Loan: A sensitive topic with many attention points. 

02 Business Planning 

Business Planning is a continuous process of assumptions, risk assessments and revisions. It is not about the Business Plan but about the thinking process while you are setting up a new venture. Any serious business partner will challenge your assumptions and assessments. With Business Titans you get a diversified and professional sparring partner to brainstorm and starburst your business model until it is waterproof. 
We help you to get the documentation you need in the right step with the right quality and format. Equiped with Business Titans certified documents, you will stand off in any forum. 

03 Weekly Coaching 

When the financing step is done and your business documentation is complete, it's time for action. A Senior Consultant will be accompanying you in a weekly personal coaching session through the milestones of your business. Your Consultant will check for examples and inspirations that match your unique situation. You will be supported with a personalized feedback to every aspect of your company: Legal setup, marketing plan, budget management, business development steps, sales pipelines, recruitment needs, product development, etc.  
Business Titans will push you to achieve your milestones, stay in-line with your Business Plan and make you aware when and why a revision is required.

Check Out our New Starter Kit!

Download this powerful kit of documents contains all you need to do the first steps to build a solid business:
  • Strategy Roadmap - Your compass during the startup phase (6 pages pdf)
  • Tools of Business - A collection of 80+ tools for any entrepreneurial situation based on 6 years of trial-error experience and lessons learned  (14 pages pdf)
  • Smart CEO Guide - Ways to raise efficiency and stay focused on the Strategy Roadmap (15 pages pdf) 
  • Social Media Marketing - A checklist with industry-standard best practices on social media (3 pages pdf)
  • Customer Journey Stations - A one-pager exercise guiding you through the critical moments of dealing with customers (1 page pdf).

Would you love nothing more than helping others find their ideal career path? You might be the perfect career counselor and should not miss this rewarding business idea. 

Starting a counseling business idea is easier than what you might think. Familiarize yourself with the standardized tests used by counselors about skills, personality and objectives.

Once you feel ready, simply create your personal website or join online marketplaces where you can advertise your services. You can then begin your career counseling practice online, without even having to rent an office! 

Of course, if you’d rather work with clients face-to-face, you will have to check your country certificate requirements. You might need a certification and specific education to open your practice.


If you choose to work remotely, most of your target customers will be found online. Prepare a convincing website and join professional marketplaces to find customers. You can use multiple digital means to promote your services, as well as open your own physical practice if you prefer meeting people face-to-face.

  • Website: Your website is your storefront. Make sure to highlight your strengths and clearly show potential customers why you are the perfect counselor for them.
  • Marketplace: Join a professional marketplace to find your first customers.
  • Private Practice: Opening your private practice is the traditional path for most career counselors because it works. Choose a visible and centrally-located office for your business. Also suitable as home business during COVID-19 pandemic.

The startup cost of launching your career counseling business idea can vary a lot depending on your choices. If you start your practice online, there will be almost no cost. However, if you choose to have a private office to meet with your clients, you have to take into account the rent and potential certification requirements of your country. Business Titans can consult you in choosing the right path. 

  • You will have a very meaningful job, helping people find their true calling
  • You will meet diverse and interesting people daily
  • You can easily start your business online and expand it with a private office later on
  • The startup cost can be very small if you run your business online

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