Charlie’s Bay

A Classic Pub Restaurant to spend cozy moments after work


Design Line Classic - Functional
Budget Class Avantgarde
Geographic Location Suburban Location
Concept Positioning Highly Generic
Project Duration 4 Months


The zones can be flexibly adapted to your wishes.
  • Exterior
  • Entrance
  • Main Area
  • Bar
  • Terrace
  • Kitchen
  • Restrooms
  • Storage
  • Sanitation
  • More
  • The restaurant exterior windows are of facade glass with wood coverings.
    The restaurant sign is custom designed and with rich lighting for night visibility.
    The walls are equipped with beautifully-designed sconces.
    The restaurant's custom-made logo and slogan are placed.
  • The entrance door has an arc on top of it.
    The front entrance leads to a full view of the main areas of the restaurant which serves for access convenience.
    The client interaction area has air-conditioning equipment.
    The floor for this area is built with bricks.
  • There are larger tables with four chairs and smaller tables with two chairs in the main area.
    The tables, chairs, and bar will have dark wood colors. Also, the floor is made of wood-looking tiles.
    There is a VIP section which serves as a stand-alone area and consists of higher quality, more comfortable furniture.
    Walls on the consumption area are with bricks and wallpapers. There are hidden lights that are covered with copper.
  • The bar is made of wood and is L-shaped.
    Has a view towards the consumption area which gives visibility for customers.
    There are racks placed and there is a TV area for customers to watch.
    There is a darts machine by the end of the bar where customers can play.
  • The terrace consists of three tables with bar stools.
    The floor is mainly built of concrete with a few tiles.
    The terrace has a nice outer-view. It is in the corner of the building.
    There is a park right in front of the restaurant.
  • The kitchen is equiped to meet the restaurants demands.
    It has plain white walls, and tiles on the floor.
    The plumbing equipment suit the functioning of the kitchen.
    All the elements and equipment have a very functional arrangement.
  • The restrooms are separated for both men and women.
    The restrooms for staff members are located in the basement.
    Located right after the bar for convenience.
    The plumbing installations are connected to the kitchen.
  • The storage room is located in the basement.
    The area has plenty of space for storage of goods.
    Shelves are very well-organized for maximum capacity holding.
    The floor is built of tiles and the walls are plain white.
  • The cellar and sanitation area are located in basement for convenience.
    All the sanitation equipment are installed here.


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  • Business Analysis

  • Project Planning

  • Legal Management

  • Infrastructure

  • Human Resources

  • Financial Settings

  • Sales Optimization

  • Website & Software

  • Hardware Procurement

  • Safety & Insurance

  • Product Engineering

  • Client Profiling

  • Design & Brand Identity

  • Marketing

  • Event Management & PR

  • A must-have for all serious business projects in the Western World is the famous Business Plan. Business Titans is the most convenient way to receive a professional Business Plan with a competent translation of your vision into facts and figures. Our International Clients will get a PESTLE Analysis to understand the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental Factors of your future business location.

    Business Plan | PESTLE Analysis (for International Clients)
  • Our very finest competence is the planning and management of a business project. A detailed Project Management Plan will be developed, with carefully analyzed cost, time and quality criteria. To provide you with highest flexibility, a Change Management Plan will also be ready to efficiently manage change requests. This Module is the roadmap of your project and we highly recommend it to avoid surprises.

    Project Management | Project Charter | Change Management
  • We will analyze and fulfill for you the legal requirements for the opening of your business at any given location and assist you in the company registration, contracting and legal documentation processes. Where applicable, the Franchising Services of Business Titans is worth to check if you have a successful business to multiply all over Europe.

    Contract Management | Location Acquisition | Company Registration | Authorization Gathering | Franchising Assistance
  • This module offers the professional services of expert architects and designers, procurement and logistics specialists. Use our expertise to identify and to equip your location with the most compatible equipment within set budget, timeframe and high quality standards.

    Location Identification | Location Equipment
  • Our Human Resource professionals will manage your recruitment process, vetting and contracting, and personal training for your employees and stakeholders. Business Titans has an intense experience in setting up productive and creative work atmosphere with continuous improvement culture.

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  • We will offer your suitable solutions for preparing the management of your business from an accounting perspective. Do not care anymore about accounting, invoicing or payment solutions. Businesses with a high degree of customer interaction, such as restaurants, clubs and hotels, we will surprise you with outstanding and innovative order solutions. Client-friendly and optimal for you sales evolution.

    Invoicing Solutions | Accounting Solutions | Pricing Policies | Payment Solutions
  • Get various strategies developed for sales optimization of your products and services, using our subject matter and marketing experts’ knowledge of sales tweaks that focus on maximizing sales, building loyalty programs with customers, and attracting new customers.

    Performance Test | Sales-initiating Tweaks | Sales-maximizing Tweaks | Client-multiplying Tweaks | Loyalty-creating Tweaks | Service Optimization
  • A substantial website with contemporary look and customer-friendly user interface is an essential element in today’s business environment. In addition to that, we will develop and manage technology tools for you that help your daily operations run smoothly, generate more profits and keep in touch with your customers. CRM systems, Apps for iPhone, Android and many other tools will blow your mind.

    Responsive Website | CRM Installation | App Development | Prof. Services Automation | E-Commerce Solutions
  • With a wide network of suppliers and high market knowledge we can help you procuring computers, peripherals, vehicles, industry-specific hardware and other heavier and more complex equipment.

    Supply Chain Management of Computers | Peripherals | Vehicles | Industry-Specific Hardware
  • For the safety of your property, your staff and your customers, depending on the type of your business and the results of our risk assessment, we will cover you with all mandatory and optional safety arrangements. For the insurances, you shall get the best insurance options for your business. Select from a range of insurance packages and we assist you in the paperwork.

    Property Protection | Personal Security | Business Protection | Employer Risk | Third Party Damage and more
  • One of our most specialized Modules lies in the complex art of developing new products and services or tuning them up into a profitable state. Let professionals engineer your restaurant, the events for your clubs, the services of your clinics or the curriculum of your schools. Exclusively for Premium Restaurant Projects, we do now offer the Sur Mesure by Famous Chef option for exclusive signature meals on your menu.

    Product Design and Fine-Tuning | Product Update | Menu Engineering | Public Testing & Feedback | Competitor Analysis
  • This module offers you identification and segmentation of potential customers for your prospective business project, recommendations on best practices for ideal client communication and strategies to expand your market reach. You will get the significative Dual Client Profiling to understand your Alpha and Beta with highest potential and a Market Profile to identify where they are located.

    Market Profiling | Customer Segmentation | Interaction | Market Expansion
  • We offer designing your customized brand identity for your business project. Our experienced Design & Branding team will take care of interior as well as exterior design engineering and create a unique brand concept design including all brand-relevant elements. We will deliver a brand book for your business and develop media and content.

    Concept Design | Interior Design Engineering | Exterior Design Engineering | Brandbook | Content Development
  • We will analyze and develop the right marketing strategies and techniques for your business. We have a team of highly experienced professionals and the right tools and processes in place to execute great marketing plans, among them Operational Marketing Plan, Digital Marketing, Print Marke-ting, Tele Marketing, Event-based Marketing, Email and Letter Marketing and other channels.

    Operational Marketing Plan | Digital Marketing | Print Marketing | Tele Marketing | Public Relations | Other Customized Channels
  • Manage the events of your business with special focus on public relations. A wide range of events are featured on our catalogs. We highly recommend, where applicable, to launch a Grand Opening Event. Whether a one-time event or repeating series with different themes, we are here to take care of it.

    Pre-planning | Program | Facilities | Publicity | Follow-up | Public Relations
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